So full

As I mentioned on Twitter, I fulfilled my obligations to all three food groups this weekend (pizza, hamburger, and burrito) and also managed to eat pizza on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

With these achievements in mind, allow me to reminisce about the time I got to bring a big ol’ burrito into a bar (thank you, Blind Pig):


No toes up

I spent the summer of 2006 in Israel. I dug up stuff. See my shirt? I didn’t dig that up, but it helps you get the idea. Bombs were flying, but they didn’t hit me. I returned to the United States a bit buffer and not as tan as expected. Nothing could bring me down. Except a broken bottle neck at the bottom of a stair case right through my thin flip flops. This brought me down to four stitches and lots of crutch-walking. I was extremely enthused, as evidenced by this photo my father required me to pose for: