Not Very Pretty has been open for submissions since December 2008 and plans to remain that way for the foreseeable future. If you have any unflattering photographs that you would like emblazoned on the internet forever, please do send them in!

To submit your photos, follow the following steps:

  1. Open a email message in your preferred email provider
  2. Write “Hello” and any other kind greeting/introduction you may wish
  3. Say who you are and who is in the image(s) (NOTE: Not Very Pretty is a non-malicious website. It is imperative submitted photos be approved for posting by whomever is being Not Pretty in them.)
  4. Note who took the photo(s) and if there is a link to which to credit it
  5. Attach image(s)
  6. Send email to

Submissions will be kept in a very safe folder on my desktop and will be posted in due course. You will not receive confirmation when your photo has been posted, but you can always keep track of this blog in Feedly and be notified via RSS, or subscribe via email by clicking “Follow” from the home page.

Thank you for choosing Not Very Pretty as your Not Very Pretty Picture Depository!

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