Happy almost-Thanksgiving from Not Very Pretty

Every year for as long as I can remember (which is not very long in the overall scheme of remembrance), we’ve had Thanksgiving at my Aunt Lisa & Uncle Brian’s house in Santa Rosa. When I was about 11, they moved across town into a big ol’ Victorian house. It had been split up into apartments and extremely run down. Over the next however many years, they’ve been working on remodeling and revamping it, all while keeping to traditional Victorian style. Every year’s visit sees a different room or project at completion. In recent years, it also means a visit with the world’s best cat (no offense, Sugar).

Along with all the pretty times we’ve had there, there have also been some good Not Pretty times, including this one from the good ol’ days:

This was before much had been done to the house, which was pretty fun as a kid, since it meant sleeping in tents (check out my sweet Barbie sleeping bag!) and being allowed to draw on the walls since they were just going to be painted over anyway.