Ugly Picture Saturday

Probably more than a year ago now, my friends started a movement. Despite this blog, I wasn’t a part of the inaugural invention — believe it or not — but I adopted it whole heartedly. The movement is Ugly Picture Saturday, and it started before this did. You can troll the #uglypicturesaturday hashtag on Instagram for highlights. And updates. Feel free to add your own!

uglypicturesaturday1 uglypicturesaturday2

Total embodiment of a grandma

At the ripe old age of 24, skin all sorts of shades of grey.

The above is documentation of the prep-time prior to the last time I did a live fashion show for Van Der Neer. This Saturday, I’m doing another live fashion show for them, and I’m sure I’ll go into it looking even more eye-baggish and skin-shades-of-grey than in this one.

And the reason for that is because the fashion show is for Launch and instead of just sleeping in, showing up, and looking Not Pretty until someone makes me Pretty, I am also this time holding down/coordinating the art portion of Launch <–check it out!

BUT, it won’t matter because someone with magical make-up skills will fix my haggard face, my outfit’s fucking BAD ASS, eventually it will be go time and I’ll have to forget everything else, and, inevitably there will be some NVP pix to boot. Win win win win.

The Kaitlynn Face

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing several of my oldest friends together at one location. Seeing everyone happened to remind me of The Kaitlynn Face, a project I embarked on documenting during the Summer of ’07 (prior to the incarnation of this blog).

It began with this photo:

which was immediately imitated:

And, from those humble beginnings, I decided to pose the question of The Kaitlynn Face to many more friends, to see if it was possible for them to make it.

Of those surveyed, 10 could:

and two could not: